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Burnham Overy Staithe
Burnham Overy Staithe by Graham Taylor


The Photographic process combines technical skill and knowledge as well as creative thought and processes.

There are those who enjoy recording family events, and those who like to push the limits of themselves and their equipment. Both have validity and are equally important when creating photographic images.

I have a passion for both!

With this series of blogs, I shall display my images and breakdown how they were taken and processed. I will also explain my thought processes and how the images may be improved.

I have many years of experience of working commercially as well as winning many trophies in competitions and credits in exhibitions. I regularly hold short, informative and practical demonstrations to photographers on subjects such as off camera flash use, still life, architecture, landscape, studio and general photography.

I will look at how a subject can be tuned for different audiences, whether it be for family, photographic club competitions, print sales or selling to stock agencies.

Understanding your equipment is important if you wish to get the absolute best results out of it. My experience with everything from film to digital, compact to large format cameras and studio to real world will provide useful and essential information about your kit and how to use it.

I specialise in processing my images using Adobe Lightroom, and have been shooting and processing RAW files from their beginning.

My blog will contain tricks and tips for the complete imaging workflow from capture to display. It will dispel a few of those ‘old wives tales’ and reveal the light along the way.

Above all, I enjoy talking with other photographers and sharing my experience with like-minded and enthusiastic people.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the ride.

Graham Taylor

Graham Taylor