Training – Learn and improve Your Photography

Want to Improve Your Skills?

Tutors have the knowledge, enthusiasm and working experience to be able to help you progress and improve in a relaxed and fun environment. You can share the experience with others that have the same interest and passion for the photography



Castle Ashby Gardens


  • Would you enjoy the process of improving your photography in the company of like minded people?
  • Would you like the opportunity to progress your photography by; watching, listening and doing?
  • Would you relish being guided and encouraged in a small group at a country park?


Several people have asked me if I would offer them training, so in response I aim to provide an enjoyable broad-based learning experience.

I am therefore pleased to offer a day of fun and interesting practical based photography at a peaceful location.


Getting the most out of your camera.

Here are the basics

  • Small groups - 3 to 5
  • Personalised to individual need
  • Relaxed learning environment
  • Ono-to-One coaching possibility
  • On-going Mentoring


These, intermediate, events are ideal for those that have upgraded to their current camera and want to, quickly, get up to speed using it. We'll look at the more advanced features that can enable you to get better results and minimise the post-production process. You'll need your camera together with a "walk-about" lens. A wide-angle and a telephoto lens would be a bonus for some scenarios.


We will be waking up to 3 miles during the course of the event and we will be standing for most of the day. Due to the locations that we visit there may be some steps which may not have disabled access.

Timings, location, cost

11:00am to 5:00pm. The cost of each event is £149/person. Location; Northamptonshire. Entry fees and refreshments are not included in the event cost.

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Events are being planned for August, September and October. Please use the form below to show your interest, remember first 5 get 50% off.




Meerkats at the Castle Ashby Menagerie
Meerkats at the Castle Ashby Menagerie


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Graham Taylor


Castle Ashby Gardens
Castle Ashby Gardens

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