Top Tips – Gardens, Parks and Stately Homes

Gardens and Parks are great places to practice any form of photography devoid of pressure. Try to do your research beforehand and, if time permits, scope it out first. These locations offer a multitude of subjects to photograph; a great place to hone your skills and learn new ones.

Castle Ashby


Check the Rules

  • Is photography allowed?
  • Are tripods/Monopods allowed?
  • Is flash OK?
  • How can you use your photos?


Select Your Photos

There's always a wealth of subjects to photograph. Flowers, wildlife, trees, lakes, animals, statues and even people, all provide great opportunities for photos. But instead of trying to photograph everything, think about what the park represents, and is famous for; focus on a few subjects that will bring it to life. The result of this selection approach will be a handful of great photos that really focus on the characteristics rather than on numerous repetitive snaps.

Castle Ashby Gardens   Castle Ashby Gardens   Castle Ashby Gardens






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Look for Details

It can be tempting to take photographs that capture everything. However, sometimes the photos that really stand out are of the details that most people miss. Move in close, and really capture the details of the tree, leaves, flowers or statues. These detailed shots produce delightfully abstract photos; they may also be great sellers at stock shot libraries.



Castle Ashby Gardens


Capture Moments

That meerkat moment. The moment that the couple kiss. The moment the player scores. The moment the birds fly away. These moments are what can make your photos unique and really highlight something different about the park. So be on the lookout for people interacting with each other, nature, and even animals.




Planning is Key

Do a recce. Be patient, wait for the right moment to capture your shot. If you spot a scene where you think it could be improved or the light isn’t right; either sit and wait, or be prepared to come back later in the day. It’s vital not to cram too much into your shot list for each day so that you have enough “waiting” time.




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